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 Venezia :: Italy 
breakfast! espressio doppio macchiato and brioche (croissants with jam inside still hot from the oven)  
From: Jayne  Sat Jul 23 03:11:59 2011
Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thourgh.


From: Bondo  Tue Apr 17 00:11:21 2012
Oh, I just have to win this wonderful gaeviway! Thank you for such a generous gaeviway and I hope you are having the trip of your life. You need to journal it for all of us when you get home! karen b


From: Jahnavi  Mon Apr 16 22:17:19 2012
Why is it when other people are on ilahdoy it seems like they've been gone forever, but when it's you, the time flies?! Hurry back and give us the scoop on your trip!! And enter me in this wonderful give-away while you're at it! (smiles)


From: Alex  Sun Apr 15 06:04:46 2012
Ciao fortunata bella! (hi lucky pettry girl) I am so jealous I was born in Italy and those pictures are making me so sad/happy (more Happy)! Enjoy your time traveling. Hopefully I get to travel there next year. Baci grande Graziella (Grace)

From: Alex  Sun Apr 15 06:08:15 2012
Ciao fortunata bella! (hi lucky pettry girl) I am so jealous I was born in Italy and those pictures are making me so sad/happy (more Happy)! Enjoy your time traveling. Hopefully I get to travel there next year. Baci grande Graziella (Grace)


From: Mihai  Mon Apr 16 20:59:24 2012
I love this!!! So fun to hear about you How fun it must have been to live in such far away lands!I would love to play along! Maybe later tonight I will do a post, of crosue my responses aren't as intersting as yours! lolxoxo Heather


From: Zahreal  Mon Apr 16 22:56:08 2012
What a fantastic trip you have pnaenld and to share with so many family members too!I'm off to Italy in 4 weeks and will be visiting Venice and I'm lucky enough to visit London every day for work!!Victoria xx


From: Will  Fri Jul 22 18:38:45 2011
Thanks alot - your answer seolvd all my problems after several days struggling

From: Marty  Fri Jul 22 20:37:37 2011
Umm, are you really just giving this info out for noithng?

From: Brandi  Sat Jul 23 14:31:54 2011
Great cmomon sense here. Wish I'd thought of that.


From: Sonny  Fri Jul 22 12:44:38 2011
All of these articles have saved me a lot of heaadches.

From: Storm  Fri Jul 22 14:00:02 2011
Thanks for sharing. What a pelsaure to read!

From: Ryne  Sat Jul 23 12:06:02 2011
No question this is the place to get this info, tnhkas y'all.


From: Elida  Fri Jul 22 22:41:21 2011
I was serisoluy at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.


From: Jarsum  Sun Apr 15 05:11:37 2012
I've heard some typepad amlpocints, but my screen hasn't changed yet. I hope the kinks get worked out before they change mine over!!I want to thank you for the sweet treat you sent along with your swap panels!! How thoughtful.

From: Toshihiro  Mon Apr 16 23:07:11 2012
Have a great time! I love Italy..never made it to England, but we lived in Germany for six years. I love Europe. Find lots of fun stuff to bring hoe, but most of all enjoy your family.


From: Travis  Mon Apr 16 21:33:21 2012
Tiffany you have some beautiful peices, I love your chandeliers, I am after one for my dining room (when we eventually get round to decorating it lol) I am playing today too, mine is all china though.Have a good trip xxx


From: Teresa  Sun Apr 15 09:25:14 2012
I feel your Typepad pain- it took me forever to put ttoegher a post- the pictures just wouldn't go where I wanted them.On a happier note- LOVE your typeface catalog and those vintage numbers- you've got a great eye!


From: Linda  Sat Apr 14 21:53:22 2012
Hi Tiffany, I hope you are having a grand atdunvere. I am looking forward to all the great pictures and descriptions when you get back. I would love to win that dolly head and those beautiful crystals and all the other great stuff, please pick me!!!Hope you are have a great time!

From: Dewi  Sun Apr 15 09:50:47 2012
WOW! Gorgeous Tiffany! Your home is beautiful too. There's no way I could get away with that much foof in my house! It stays in my girls rooms and my craft room. I liked gtteing to know you in your previous post too Margo

From: Camila  Mon Apr 16 20:40:05 2012
Tiffany, I love the tin! So cute! And those numbers are great too.I don't like the new teayppd either! But I hate change, and I'm computer-challenged, so I'm not a good person to talk!Have a very fun weekend! xox natalea


From: Denisha  Fri Jul 22 23:39:21 2011
You got to push it-this essiental info that is!

From: DymnUnutt  Sun Nov 6 11:14:55 2011
Which came first? chicken or the egg


From: Tilak  Sun Apr 15 10:58:18 2012
What an amazing trip you have pnealnd! How cool is the way it all fell into place with all of your family. I can't wait to hear about it on your blog. I would love the chance to win your giveaway:) Jen Muir


spicy pasta - so good!  
From: Kert  Fri Jul 22 16:08:54 2011
Play informative for me, Mr. itnenret writer.


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