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 Roma :: Italy 
sheets of pasta  
From: Meksan  Fri Sep 13 08:38:24 2013
Honestly, some of the best swiss roles I've ever tasted!!Specially loved the cfefoe-walnut flavor!Wonderful to know you have expanded to a few more outlets.. Keep the great work going! You'll always be my fav!

From: Pendekar  Tue Feb 11 18:00:32 2014
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home-made pasta with home-made pesto, and wine. YUM!  
From: Amer  Tue Sep 10 22:50:21 2013
Sygxaritiria sto Nini, kai se anotera. As apelotesei paradeigma pros mimisi gia olous toys neous voreioipeirotes. Einai pragmatika to kamari mas ayti ti stigmi.

From: Rayshelon  Wed Mar 5 03:18:27 2014
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view from my room in Tuscany  
From: Robert  Sat Jun 26 12:28:40 2010
This is gorgeous! It looks so peaceful.


il mare (the beach) at Ladispoli, suburb of Rome  
From: Robert  Sat Jun 26 12:29:27 2010
Um... this beach looks sort of creepy.


sunbathing at the beach in Ladispoli  
From: Luis  Thu Sep 12 01:17:24 2013
Nice web! Wasn't able to leave any comments when I visit your poueirvs web.Now that I can, just like to let you know your berry cheesecake is really good. I ordered 1 for my mum's birthday and she liked it so much. Really good as an after meal dessert. And your pricing is really reasonable. Sharon


Vatican City  
From: Robert  Sat Jun 26 12:30:13 2010
I've stood right there before!


Vatican City  
From: Huevo  Wed Sep 11 05:25:16 2013
I've had The Porter in Navy on my wishlist for quite a while now, but I love The Paperback in Gray Waxed Canvas just as much. I would love to have eiehtr one of them!

From: Tisha  Wed Mar 5 03:21:39 2014
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From: Shivakumar  Tue Sep 10 19:51:33 2013
No fewer than five of the Italian bus riders seem to be giivng your Dad a heavy dose of Mal Ochhio (The Evil Eye) .. or what Fred Larson used to call StinkEye.Your father was a brave man.


From: Mariana Moscoso  Thu Jul 8 04:35:18 2010
I didn't get to see the light like this because it was cloudy the day I went!


From: Robert  Wed Sep 11 20:13:23 2013
so cute! now i just need friends to get mearird so i can throw them bridal showers :) i loved having mine but of course i didnt get to plan them :)


Trevi Fountain  
From: Benny  Sun Jun 27 17:51:05 2010
Oh man, so beautiful. This is definitely one of my favorite places in Rome, even though it's totally crowded... Great time there, Naomi! =)

From: Shogo  Tue Sep 10 12:57:47 2013
BS low - ratainiloty high! Really good answer!

From: Denim  Wed Mar 5 03:01:53 2014
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Coloseum from the inside  
From: Ulf  Wed Sep 11 02:13:06 2013
That's a slick answer to a chainelglng question

From: Ashley  Wed Sep 11 16:37:02 2013
He is adorable! Glad to have found you and a new glogoe friend follower, like with FB business page and personal page and following you on twitter. Love for you to visit me sometime Kym


Sarai at the Coloseum  
From: Lizz  Thu Sep 12 01:33:01 2013
Great! Now I don't have to rush down during my lunch hr.Love your swiss rolls, misnsig it as I type.Haha ... shall round up some orders with my colleagues to get the free delivery.Keep up the good work. :)

From: Ella  Wed Mar 5 03:34:50 2014
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From: Laura  Wed Sep 11 15:58:30 2013
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