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a room with a view: Brusimpiano, Italy  
From: Yusuf  Sun Apr 15 07:26:23 2012
Hadn't been on here in forever so I didn't zilaere these were here what a splendid surprise! Thank you so much for everything. You, of course, have me in tears! Sweet Tess leaves next week and we are going to miss her so. Thanks for your love and prayers! Love you!

From: Atoufa  Mon Apr 16 05:37:59 2012
jewellery - They all look they are having so much fun, the ptohos make me want to be there too.I am jealous that those girls get to hang out with you, but glad that you are surrounded by people who love you.Miss you, please keep sharing your beautiful ptohos xx

From: Maya  Mon Apr 16 20:28:33 2012
Your article is fatnastic and inspiring, congrats! I'm so beyond thrilled you included me in it, thank you!! Also very lovely to see my pic on your blog today! Naomi x


view from my room in Brusimpiano, Italy  
From: Maggie  Sat Jul 10 15:00:38 2010

From: Ekaterina  Fri Sep 13 09:25:41 2013
Loveeee girl's night! I just had one a couple weeks ago where we wetahcd Mean Girls, Britney/Backstreet boys music videos, painted our nails, and played MASH.


self portrait in Brusimpiano, Italy  
From: Darrence  Sat Jul 23 02:20:12 2011
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delicious lunch in Parma: Fried bread, fresh parmasian cheese and sparkling red wine! yum!  
From: Irina  Tue Apr 17 01:27:43 2012
Kraft Parmesan in the Green can has been part of the American Italian-meal tradition since at least the 50s. When my older obtrher came home with a piece of real cheese, possibly even real Parmesan, my mother threw it out because it wasn't Kraft. I won't say what she called it but it wasn't pretty.


streets of Parma, Italy  
From: alvin  Sat Apr 14 04:46:26 2012
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From: Dillo  Fri Sep 13 08:42:41 2013
How many great photos to be found in here! Just dierovecsd you blog through pinterest. Now I'm gonna digg into more of your post to find more inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

From: Bubbie  Wed Mar 5 04:01:02 2014
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streets of Parma, Italy  
From: Sylla  Sun Apr 15 05:59:13 2012
I've arrived at your blog by sheer, but I'm aezmad!! You're a master!! Your style is fantastic, It's a full of strength and acction. The female characters are rude and sensuous.I'm really exited! I want to draw now!! *___* I'll follow you closely!! ahahaha!!^_^ Greetings from Spain!


streets of Parma, Italy  
From: Jobeth  Sat Jul 23 02:58:55 2011
THX that's a great awsner!


streets of Parma, Italy  
From: Kamryn  Fri Jul 22 21:54:13 2011
Thguhot it wouldn't to give it a shot. I was right.

From: Aira  Sat Jul 23 02:30:50 2011
You know what, I'm very much incinled to agree.

From: Kaylea  Sat Jul 23 18:02:05 2011
So excited I found this airtcle as it made things much quicker!


streets of Parma, Italy  
From: Diandra  Fri Jul 22 15:32:04 2011
A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this inforatomin.


streets of Parma, Italy  
From: Shada  Sun Apr 15 08:17:33 2012
i watched this vid. went out and got a new body and atpnied it and it came out nice. i am gunna make a vid with all my cars and bodys hopefully soon Reply

From: Kevin  Wed Sep 11 23:14:40 2013
Analiza Nelson Hi Mandy,Me too i like option # 2 thgouh they are both awesome but option 2 is much more larger. Would love if you can send me the pic via e-mail have to show it to my hubby since he miss church that day. Thanks alot. More power to you.Analiza


streets of Parma, Italy  
From: Adhitya  Wed Sep 11 17:06:18 2013
Great to see the new simbo blog! Wishing you all the best for the new venture. I'm just wainitg for your shiny new posts appearing in my feed reader!


streets of Parma, Italy  
From: Kati  Fri Sep 13 07:26:33 2013
Thanks Annick!We are travellers on the same joernuy and wish you lots of luck with your endeavours.The phrase even from half and inch a way' comes from a TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am writing a blogpost about it.


Castle of Torrechiara  
From: Marni  Sat Jul 23 03:20:33 2011
That's not even 10 mintues well spent!


Castle of Torrechiara  
From: Jane  Fri Jul 22 13:32:31 2011
Help, I've been infroemd and I can't become ignorant.


Castle of Torrechiara  
From: Cherlin  Fri Jul 22 16:37:38 2011
Hats off to wohveer wrote this up and posted it.

From: Navyareddy  Wed Sep 11 15:08:49 2013
congrats on this new platform you two!well done on geitntg it live.I'm looking forward to hearing your voices, listening to your hearts .. and seeing super-S's fashion advice in the spirit of cherry-S!?Stay warm and shine on!Johnny

From: Ankit  Fri Sep 13 08:29:10 2013
I was worried for you re the wheetar on Sunday but I can see what a wonderfully intimate and happy time you had. LAUGHTER AND SINGING ARE THE FLOWERS OF LOVE .. and your dad looks very relaxed and so refined on the black lounge!

From: Dejeadalpe  Tue Feb 11 17:42:28 2014
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From: Nephi  Wed Mar 5 04:03:28 2014
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village area of the Castle of Torrechiara  
From: Gabrielle  Sat Jul 23 02:03:43 2011
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grounds and village of the Castle of Torrechiara  
From: Mick  Mon Apr 16 23:56:22 2012
tnakhs for the shout out cousin and tnakhs for the feedback you two. We are both hard workers and keep pushing for our dreams because they are big but reachable. 09 is our year fam


View from the Castle of Torrechiara  
From: Anthony  Sat Apr 14 22:47:48 2012
Pamela - Britty, you know how amazing I think your natelt is, never doubt it ny sweets. You definately have found your niche! Love you loads, miss you loads! Keep snapping away so I get to appreciate more beauty and natelt from you! Biggest hugs xxx

From: Novrizal  Fri Sep 13 08:14:59 2013
SO glad I put down the SLR when I did and left it to these guys! GORGEOUS pictures, can't wait to see more. LOVED that I could just focus on relaly being present to this amazingly beautiful event and sharing this time with friends and family Unforgettable! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx jodes

From: Missy  Wed Mar 5 04:03:17 2014
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Castle of Torrechiara  
From: Luciana  Sat Apr 14 04:55:21 2012
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From: Cecelia  Sun Apr 15 07:00:56 2012
ashleigh nayomi - Britt this is otsalubely stunning. my days i can't stop looking at this! SHES BEAUTIFUL. you are such a gifted, amazing photographer, im so glad i met you,- you inspire me so much. this is beautiful,and I'm extremely jealous of this! keep it up! xxxx


The Castle of Torrechiara  
From: Tobias  Sat Apr 14 08:45:55 2012
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