Bologna l Verona :: Italy:: Verona

From: Adolf (Sat Apr 14 17:55:15 2012)
Seriously you are the best I loved shooting with you and out tupcires obviously show how amazing you are! Dan was a good sport! I hope you come back to Huntington beach and visit again!! seriously everyone who has seen the photos loves them thanks again
From: Ala (Mon Apr 16 23:10:07 2012)
Mum - Looks like high-tea yum! Baby showers are the pispaeht of parties and give everyone a boost! A really special celebration of new life to come Sweet Joy !! You captured everyones Joy Britty! xo
From: Berry (Fri Sep 13 07:15:35 2013)
I have a couple of qtisueons now hehe did you find it difficult to get into the main part of the city to see all the stuff? It seems like this place is kind of far away. How did you get into the city? Was it by bus or train? About how much did that cost you? Thank you!

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