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From: Linda (Sat Apr 14 21:53:22 2012)
Hi Tiffany, I hope you are having a grand atdunvere. I am looking forward to all the great pictures and descriptions when you get back. I would love to win that dolly head and those beautiful crystals and all the other great stuff, please pick me!!!Hope you are have a great time!
From: Dewi (Sun Apr 15 09:50:47 2012)
WOW! Gorgeous Tiffany! Your home is beautiful too. There's no way I could get away with that much foof in my house! It stays in my girls rooms and my craft room. I liked gtteing to know you in your previous post too Margo
From: Camila (Mon Apr 16 20:40:05 2012)
Tiffany, I love the tin! So cute! And those numbers are great too.I don't like the new teayppd either! But I hate change, and I'm computer-challenged, so I'm not a good person to talk!Have a very fun weekend! xox natalea

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