Parma :: Italy:: View from the Castle of Torrechiara
View from the Castle of Torrechiara

From: Anthony (Sat Apr 14 22:47:48 2012)
Pamela - Britty, you know how amazing I think your natelt is, never doubt it ny sweets. You definately have found your niche! Love you loads, miss you loads! Keep snapping away so I get to appreciate more beauty and natelt from you! Biggest hugs xxx
From: Novrizal (Fri Sep 13 08:14:59 2013)
SO glad I put down the SLR when I did and left it to these guys! GORGEOUS pictures, can't wait to see more. LOVED that I could just focus on relaly being present to this amazingly beautiful event and sharing this time with friends and family Unforgettable! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx jodes
From: Missy (Wed Mar 5 04:03:17 2014)
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