Parma :: Italy:: Castle of Torrechiara
Castle of Torrechiara

From: Cherlin (Fri Jul 22 16:37:38 2011)
Hats off to wohveer wrote this up and posted it.
From: Navyareddy (Wed Sep 11 15:08:49 2013)
congrats on this new platform you two!well done on geitntg it live.I'm looking forward to hearing your voices, listening to your hearts .. and seeing super-S's fashion advice in the spirit of cherry-S!?Stay warm and shine on!Johnny
From: Ankit (Fri Sep 13 08:29:10 2013)
I was worried for you re the wheetar on Sunday but I can see what a wonderfully intimate and happy time you had. LAUGHTER AND SINGING ARE THE FLOWERS OF LOVE .. and your dad looks very relaxed and so refined on the black lounge!
From: Dejeadalpe (Tue Feb 11 17:42:28 2014)
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From: Nephi (Wed Mar 5 04:03:28 2014)
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