Parma :: Italy:: a room with a view: Brusimpiano, Italy
a room with a view: Brusimpiano, Italy

From: Yusuf (Sun Apr 15 07:26:23 2012)
Hadn't been on here in forever so I didn't zilaere these were here what a splendid surprise! Thank you so much for everything. You, of course, have me in tears! Sweet Tess leaves next week and we are going to miss her so. Thanks for your love and prayers! Love you!
From: Atoufa (Mon Apr 16 05:37:59 2012)
jewellery - They all look they are having so much fun, the ptohos make me want to be there too.I am jealous that those girls get to hang out with you, but glad that you are surrounded by people who love you.Miss you, please keep sharing your beautiful ptohos xx
From: Maya (Mon Apr 16 20:28:33 2012)
Your article is fatnastic and inspiring, congrats! I'm so beyond thrilled you included me in it, thank you!! Also very lovely to see my pic on your blog today! Naomi x

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