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watching the World Cup game

From: Angelika (Fri Dec 11 06:13:38 2015)
c5h Elin! c4lskar allt du gf6r, du ke4nns se5 e4kta! Som en riktig tjej av kf6tt och blod som jag vgkeliren har som stor ff6rebild! Du ser se5 go ut! Kram pe5 dig
From: Ibrahim (Fri Dec 11 06:52:39 2015)
Yay! Congratulations!That's so awesome, I'm jaueols.We got a big storm where I live yesterday, it was literally white when I looked outside (from the rain, not snow!). We even lost electricity for a few hours, that was fun. But that's what you get in the subtropics in summer haha.

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