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continuing great escapes

March 15th, 2011

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want this blog to go. Initially, I started the blog to write about my travels abroad. I’m back in the States now looking for work and to settle down for a while so I have been wondering how I can tailor the blog to fit my current life. I definitely want to continue writing and using this site because, let’s face it; it’s some kind of wonderful! I have finally decided that I’m going to continue writing about Great Escapes, but this can mean a lot of things. Great Escapes are little holiday trips (vacations); Great Escapes include flights into my own head and thoughts or fun things I do wherever I’m living at the time (right now that happens to be the San Francisco Bay Area). I want to get caught up on some of the Great Escapes I’ve had lately…

The Grand Canyon l Arizona

I spent five days in Las Vegas at the beginning of February – I’ve got a really good friend (Jesse) there who I went to boarding school with when I was 15, so we go way back. He lives in Vegas and works at the Bellagio casino as a poker dealer, so his life is pretty sweet. I stayed at his place and rented a car, so I was able to have the freedom to get around as I pleased. I took a road trip to the Grand Canyon, an amazing site that I’ve been to a few times before, but wanted to see again. The Grand Canyon is definitely something that just puts me into a state of awe.  Just being there, walking around the perimeter of the canyon makes me realize just how small I am, how small all of us humans are. This is an astonishing, stunning world we live in and I think we don’t take the time to admire our surroundings enough. The rest of the weekend I enjoyed hanging out with Jesse and seeing the local view of Vegas (we both dislike the strip). I also did a photo-shoot for my sister’s brother-in-law’s kids who live in Vegas. So I had a great trip, it is always nice to get away and feed a bit of my overwhelming sense of wanderlust.

My 33rd birthday was on 11th Feb and I had an epic weekend. I started partying on Thursday night thru Sunday and had a great time. I made some amazing new friends and had pretty much the best birthday weekend I can remember! Ever since then, I have been going out a lot. One of my favourite parties here in San Francisco is Ritual, a free weekly Dubstep party every Thursday night. It is, hands down, one of the best weekly parties I’ve been to here in San Francisco since Eklektic ended many years ago. Ritual has quickly become the highlight of my week; it is my weekly Great Escape… into music, friendship and dancing. I love it!

happy birthday to me - happy to be going out dancing to dubstep on the night of my 33rd birthday

I wrote about this on my photography blog (Capture the Glow), but my favourite daily escape lately has been this new iPhone app called Instagram. It is a free app (so if you have an iPhone I highly recommend you download it!) and it’s basically like a Twitter for photos. I created an account and can post photos to my “feed” and other users can “like” and comment on my photos. I have seen some amazing photographs, gotten to know a few people personally from comments and seen parts of the world I’d never see otherwise. It’s pretty amazing to get such a personal look into other people’s lives. Totally feeds the voyeur in me! This app has also re-sparked my interest and love in photography, as well as made me feel excited about taking photos and sharing them. This in and of itself is nothing short of wonderful, if you ask me, because my interest in photography was lost a few years ago and I’ve been struggling to reignite the fire!

i love reading <3

Lastly, I have been escaping into my own thoughts via reading. The past six or so years I’ve read mostly fine literature – I admit I am quite the book snob and I only like to read exceptionally good writers. Prior to this foray into literature I’d been reading mostly non-fiction and I’m not sure what spurned this venture into the world of fiction, but I devoured quite a lot of books. Haruki Murakami is now one of my favourite writers; if you haven’t read him I encourage you to! Reading his books taught me so much about myself, my own psyche, my dreams and my interactions with other humans. His books have definitely contributed to making me a better person. Anyway, so yes, now I am on a non-fiction kick again. I borrowed a stack of rather thick tomes from the library – a few Richard Dawkins, the 2010 Best American Science Writing (great so far) and Sex: A Natural History. I am rather enjoying working my way through them.

Great Escapes can be found in everyday life! What are some Great Escapes you’ve made lately?

3 Responses to “continuing great escapes”

  1. M S says:

    Awesome Maomi, yes I totally agree with you on your manifestation of ‘Great Escape’, a total sense. Wow Vegas & GC, awesome trip. Yes Ritual is Sick, I like it too. Thanks many to Instagram which has reignited your spirit of capturing beauty in a frame, I wish you go beyond any of the greatest photography you are aware of, all it takes is your cool head. Hats up on all your reading ventures, it is one thing that keeps oneself more educated and knowledge just makes a persona cooler than they are. Love reading your blog :).

  2. Medusa says:

    Oh my, I knew we were both Aquarians but had no idea our birthdays we so close together – mine is Feb. 12th!!! :)

    P.S. Have you done a great escape to Bodega Bay? I recently watched “The Birds” and it made me want to go!

    • Naomi says:

      Wow I had no idea your birthday is the day after mine! Amazing! I’ve been to Bodega Bay a lot and as soon as the weather gets better I’ll make a Great Escape there and take pics! Love your blog girl, keep posting those amazing fashion pics!!!

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