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all good things (must come to an end)

October 27th, 2010

It’s 3:40am and I’m sitting outside my West London flat in a cab with my luggage loaded in the back, waiting for the taxi driver to figure out where, exactly, my shuttle bus is meant to pick me up so we can be on our way. He doesn’t seem to sense the emergency in the fact that my shuttle bus is leaving at 4am to take me to Stansted Airport and we have less than twenty minutes to get there.

He finally pulls off and I realize that he has no clue where he’s going. How can a cab driver not know the city he’s driving in? It’s already 4am and I’m seriously freaking out, losing it. We see a bus driving down the road with ‘London to Stansted’ printed on back, so we follow the bus. The cab driver, possibly intoxicated by my urgency, tries to run the bus off the road in order to get him to stop. The bus finally pulls over, and we both jump out of the car.

The bus driver, of course, is irate, yelling at the taxi driver, “What the fuck, mate?!?” I interject, “Please, I am going to miss my flight if I don’t get on your bus, can you please take me to the airport?” The bus driver looks at me and seems to take sympathy on me. He tells us to meet him at his next stop: Green Park.

I jump back in the cab and we follow the bus to Green Park. I leap out of the cab, throw £10 at the driver (I shouldn’t have paid that fool at all!) and grab my luggage. I thank the bus driver profusely, but he insists it’s not my fault and helps load my luggage onto the bus. Whew.

After spending the month of September in Scotland, I came back to London. While in Scotland I’d done a lot of networking with friends of the owners, sending my resume out to their friends in finance and also sending my resume out on my own to any job I could find on the Internet. I also spoke with a representative regarding getting a working visa and they told me that in order for me to qualify for a visa, I’d need a job offer in writing. So I worked hard to get that job offer. I also went around to various pubs and inquired about work. I seriously pounded the pavement the best way I knew how, but I’d reached a dead end.

My savings account balance was dangerously low, and I was not securing work. I felt like it was time for me to stop lying to myself – the reality of the situation was plain as day: I was not going to find work or be able to stay in Europe.

As soon as I admitted this to myself, depression set in. I really didn’t want to leave Europe and especially did not want to come back to the Bay Area, but I didn’t feel as though I had much of an option. With no money to stay afloat and no job prospects, I had no alternatives open to me. So, I looked online for a plane ticket. I found a one-way ticket from Stansted to SFO for only $408. I purchased the ticket and planned to have a great time my last few days in London.

I bought a discount ticket to see Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre, which was excellent. I always love musicals and theatre. I also got four tickets to see some films during the London Film Festival and I researched every single DnB/Dubstep party going on in London while I was to be there.

So, in essence, I lived it up my last days in London. Partied, went to films and had a good time with myself. My last day there, I packed in the morning, then went to see my last Film Festival film, and then went to a DnB party in East London to see three of my favorite DJ’s. After the party, I went back to my flat, showered, and got the shuttle to the airport.

I slept a few hours on the plane, but for the most part the flight was fairly uneventful (save for the screaming, crying children, one of which who threw up! Eww!).  After landing in San Francisco and going through customs my dad picked me up outside and we drove back to my parents home. I unpacked, showered and spent time with my sisters and parents, and then took the car and went to a Dubstep party in San Francisco with my good friend Jason.

Party one night in London, the next in San Francisco! Got to love that, right! I had a good time, but the San Francisco scene is markedly different from the London scene. Very much a ‘scene’ indeed, which I do not like. But the music was amazing and I had a good time regardless.

So here I am, back in the States. Right now I’m looking frantically for work and have met with some employment recruiters so I’m pretty sure I’ll be working soon. I’ve got 13 years of experience in my field (finance) so I don’t expect I’ll have any problems finding work shortly. I am staying focused on what I want, though, and that’s to live in Europe permanently. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but I know that it’s what I want!

I am focusing hard on finding work and choosing not to think about the circumstances I find myself in. Those circumstances being: living with my parents, having basically nothing (as I sold all of my things before I left, I literally have to start all over again completely from scratch), being back in the States, etc. But, if I stay focused on what I need to do to make things happen, I will be ok.

A chapter in my life closes, and another page is turned. I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I am always completely open to whatever life brings me. I just hope it’s first-rate!

4 Responses to “all good things (must come to an end)”

  1. Chris says:

    You, Naomi, are first-rate, and like attracts like. Best wishes to you!

  2. Cindy Nagel says:

    You’ve opened so many doors in your psyche with this extended stay abroad. And now it must feel that this here is abroad instead…What a way to see this country, especially now with all this extreme nationalism in the air… sorry to inject politics! Good luck in your job search, you’ve made connections out there EVERYWHERE! You are one of the most focused beings I’ve ever encountered and I know you will continue on this amazing path creating your opportunities as you go… You will always find a new door to knock on (or barrel through!)… much love and some Irish luck my friend!

  3. fototaker says:

    i feel the same way about Europe in general but my Spain is untouchable when compared to the states. many think i am unamerican but all they need to do is spend one month or year in Europe and they will know WHY people love the life, the culture, the history and the beauty…. you have been TouCHed!! hugs… love your beautYful positive and well-expressed experiences and emotions. each time i leave Spain, i feel the same way

  4. I feel you Nay! But I feel certain that life for you in Europe is waiting for you.

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