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Roineabhal, Scotland

September 20th, 2010

Going from partying in London to the remote Scotland countryside was quite the shock. It took me about a week to get used to it, but here I am in Scotland and feeling a sense of peace settling in.

how i'm livin' - the Bed and Breakfast in Scotland

I am at a gorgeous four-star Bed & Breakfast in a remote, secluded area of the Scottish countryside. I am here working in exchange for room and board. Every morning I awake at about 7am and get dressed and go down to the kitchen. I help Maria (the owner) serve breakfast (eating my own in between) and then clean the kitchen and downstairs area. Then I move upstairs to the guest rooms and clean them. I’m usually done with work by early afternoon, at which point I am able to have some lunch and enjoy free time.  Sometimes Maria serves dinner to the guests so I help out with that too, serving dinner and cleaning the kitchen and dining room afterwards.

I am happy to say that my mother’s superb home training is up to par with the standard of hotels and 4-Star B&B’s… I already knew how to fold towels and fitted sheets properly and make tight hospital corner flat sheets on the beds.

In my free time, if it is raining outside, I will stay indoors and curl up with Conan the kitty and a good book or get caught up with some of my favorite TV shows (lately that happens to be True Blood) on my computer. If it is not raining, I will take a walk outdoors or sometimes go into town with Roger (Maria’s husband).

Conan sleeps on my lap as I read in the lounge

During my first week here in Scotland I was pretty sure I’d end up going completely crazy. Let’s face it: I am not a country girl. I love the city; I thrive in the city; the chaos of the metropolis makes me feel truly at peace.  The work keeps me busy, however, and allows me to multi-task. I am able to drift off mentally into my own little world in my head while working furiously at cleaning and doing my various jobs. It’s a good balance for me, I think.

Scotland is gorgeous, needless to say. The scenic countryside is reminiscent of Ireland, except Ireland is definitely greener. The Scots seem to be very friendly folk as well, which is great. I am glad for the opportunity I have here, for sure. It’s a nice change of pace – the work I’m doing is a welcome change, I enjoy being busy and occupied and it makes me appreciate my free time all the more.

3 Responses to “Roineabhal, Scotland”

  1. Jackie says:

    Scotland looks beautiful! (I love that Conan looks to be reading Paulo Coelho!) Where are you now and where is your next stop? I love traveling vicariously with you!

    • Naomi says:

      I had no idea you read my blog! I’m flattered! I’ve been following you for years now… after purchasing your book about the NYC Subway (and I gave it as gifts to some of my friends too, who loved it as well). Anyway, I am still in Scotland, next stop is London. I will see if you’re on Facebook…

  2. rachel says:

    I love the pic of the inn… it has a certain allure. Cozy…charming…idk but it looks very much like how i’d imagine a bed & breakfast in scotland to look! Hope you post more pics soon. ~xoxo

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