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Ireland’s last days

September 9th, 2010

me, with the Dingle Peninsula in the background

After a few days in County Mayo, Jen and I drove south down the coast to Galway. Along the way we made many stops to take in the picturesque scenery and snap photographs. The coast of Ireland is by far some of the most gorgeous landscape I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing thus far! We arrived in Galway in the early afternoon, and after settling in at a friend-of-a-friend’s house, we went downtown, walked around, had dinner, and got a few pints of Guinness. The pubs along the main strip all had live bands playing and there were lots of people out having a good time.

The next morning we left early and drove further down the coast to the Dingle Peninsula, where Jen had booked us a few nights at a Bed & Breakfast. Along the way we made more stops as before. It was a lovely drive. We got to Dingle, checked into the B&B and chilled out for a while, then went to the village and had dinner in the local pub. Being around locals is always a treat! The Irish are so friendly and tend to have a great sense of humor!

The next day it was cold and a bit damp, so we drove around the Dingle Peninsula, took a short hike, snapped lots of photos, and then went to the town of Dingle, which was absolutely adorable! We walked around town for hours, stopping in the shops, having lunch, taking pictures and generally having a good time.

streets of Dingle

The following morning we awoke before the sun, packed up the car and made a mad dash from Dingle, which is pretty far south, back up to Dublin so that we could return the rental car. On the way we stopped at the Rock of Cashel (a huge old castle) and did a short tour there, and then hopped back in the car with the pedal to the metal to get the car back in time. We made it back in plenty of time.

We each said our individual goodbyes to Dublin – Jen took a long walk around the city and I went and had some Guinness! Jen flew back to San Francisco the following morning and that evening, I hopped on a bus to London.

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