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falling in love again…

September 16th, 2010

I find myself falling in love all over again. The first time I heard jungle (drum-n-bass/DnB) it was love at first beat. It was the late 90’s and I had been walking from room to room at Home Base in Oakland, CA, at a huge massive rave. There were approximately 12,000 kids there at that party: dancing, sweaty bodies writhing on the dance floors. I walked from room to room and when I entered the DnB room, I fell instantly into love. The dark, grimy beats instantly captured my heart and soul. My body moved involuntarily to the beats: this was the beginning of a love affair sure to last a lifetime.

me and some new friends at a DnB club in London (Renegade Hardware at Club Area)

I find it hard to explain how the music moves me. I believe anyone that is truly moved by music, words or art, whatever the genre, surely must know how I feel. DnB puts me into a sublimely happy state. Just listening to the music on my iPod while I walk around makes me feel ridiculously high. I used to turn on DnB at high volume at home and clean my house, dancing around while I scrubbed and polished.

Partying to DnB in London was absolutely euphoric. I cannot begin to explain how it made me feel, to be in the UK (the birthplace of my love) in a massive club with DnB beats pounding through some of the best sound systems I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. While partying in London, I refused to be inebriated, I had a few drinks but never got drunk, because I wanted to be there 100% to enjoy the experience. I stayed at the clubs until 6am, walking home with the sunrise, still feeling high from the music.

The experience of partying in London was not one I’ll soon forget. I lack the words to describe how insanely happy and high I felt; if I could find a way to dance to DnB every night of the week, I would. Being in a dark club with heavy bass, hot bodies, sweat, dancing… there’s something about it… I wonder if I will ever grow out of this. It’s doubtful. Ah, DnB, my first love… you’ll always have my heart.

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