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Paris, je t’aime!

July 10th, 2010

I love Paris! I’m absolutely dreading having to leave! I know I’ve got five more days, but it’s the first European city I have really felt at home in, despite not knowing the language at all. How odd is that?!

Riding my rented bike along the Seine in Paris

I love the Seine River. I love how the Seine flows through the center of the city, cooling down hot days and providing a place to sit and stick your feet in the water (if that’s your cup of tea; it isn’t mine; that water is dirty, yo!).

I love the bike rental spots all over the city, where you just swipe your card, take a bike, use it for however long you need it, and then return it at any other bike rental spot. They are located everywhere, every few blocks, and so convenient. I love this about Paris! Tonight I rode a rented bike around Paris for hours, winding through traffic and narrow streets, looking at all the ancient architecture aglow against the dark sky.

I love the locals and their obsession with picnics! Every day, it seems, Parisians sit along the Seine and in the parks and have picnic, usually bread, wine, fruit and cheese. Tonight while I was riding my bike along the Seine there were massive crowds of people having picnic; talking, laughing and socializing in high spirits. I have never seen anything like this elsewhere.

Metro stop at the Louvre

Metro stop at the Louvre

I love the Saturday night dance lessons along the Seine! Evenings, people gather along a specific spot on the Seine and have traditional French dance lessons, complete with traditional music. It’s magical to watch – the crowds of people sitting and watching, and the couples dancing along the river. Absolutely delightful!

I love how different all the Arrondissements are, how different each neighborhood is. Paris was originally a bunch of small villages that eventually grew and merged together to make the city of Paris and that’s why each of the Arrondissments are so different and charming each in their own way. I absolutely adore it!

I love the art, the museums, the shopping, the markets, the fresh pastries, the coffee, the people… I suppose I just love everything about Paris! What’s not to love, after all?

3 Responses to “Paris, je t’aime!”

  1. The Zodiac says:

    My 2nd favorite city. You been to Pigalle yet? lol

  2. eris says:

    it certainly sounds like Paris is bringing out the best in you! i am so happy that you are experiencing this, Naomi :) all my love <3

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