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Paris Is For Lovers

July 14th, 2010

Paris has always been known for being a romantic city. Lovers flock to this city to explore both the city and each other. The architecture of Paris is definitely romantic, as are the parks and narrow, winding city streets.

Along the Seine, lovers lounge; a man sits with his lover’s head in his lap, her limbs curled around him. His fingers intertwine through her hair; he bends his head down close to hers and their lips connect. I observe their intimacy and feel a sense of voyeurism while gazing their public display of love.

Lovers in the Park, Paris

Lovers in a park in Paris

As I walk up the steps from the St. Michel metro station, I notice a pair of lovers, hungrily exploring each other’s mouths, bodies pressed firmly against each other, leaning against the gate of the metro station. They do not seem to notice anyone else around them, they are in their own world and surrounded by their love.

In Luxembourg Park, lovers lay on a blanket, an open bottle of wine, half-eaten baguette and cheese lay nearby, but these lovers are in their own world. They are totally engrossed in each other, nothing else seems to exist. Hands on body, mouths locked together, eyes closed… the voyeur in me glimpses over and loves observing their adoration for each other.

Along a narrow, steep stairway of Montmartre, a teenaged couple is found, nestled on a ledge along the stairway underneath an overhang. Their lithe teenaged bodies are intertwined, his hands on her waist, her hands in his hair; their exploration of love is new, exciting and electrifying. Their kisses go on forever it seems, and they rarely come up for air. Ah, teenaged love at its best!

I remember the few beautiful times in my life where love washed over me and took power over me. I reminisce fondly to the days where I was young, in love, and cared not what the world around me, or anyone in it, thought. I warmly recollect the hand-holding, the urgent press of a body close to mine, the intensity of feeling, the public displays of affection. I can summon these feelings almost exactly; this must be how these lovers feel in Paris. Nothing else matters – only their love exists. What a beautiful state to be in!

My budding love affair with Paris is growing, expanding and developing. I do not have a physical lover here in Paris but I hardly need one. My love for the city itself satiates me and bathes me in a kind of unwavering love, the type of love I can only receive from a city I love and a sort of love that will never fade.

4 Responses to “Paris Is For Lovers”

  1. elsa says:

    it is a truly beautiful expirence being and vewing a the love that covers that city. It holds the kind of love you feel for NY for me. It’s always calling me back… i just havent listened yet : )

    • Naomi says:

      NYC will always be first in my heart but Paris is competing for a very close second, of not a tie. I really love it! I’m like super sad and depressed that I have to leave. WTF! Sigggh…

  2. Beautifully written and only increases my excitement as I wait for the hours to go by and be in Paris!

  3. rach says:

    This is beautiful, nay. Makes me wana go. ~xoxo

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