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Paris Intimacies

July 7th, 2010

There’s something about Paris that feels uncannily familiar to me; I cannot explain it.

Watching the Uruguay vs Netherlands game in Paris

I left Italy on Sunday July 4; I booked a couchette seat on an overnight train to Paris. After an excruciatingly long layover in Bologna, I boarded my train and found three women already asleep in the cabin. I tried, as quietly as possible, to stow my luggage under the seat, grabbed my blanket and lay on my couchette. It took a while for me to actually fall asleep, but the gentle rocking of the train to and fro and the rhythmic sound of the wheels clacking along on the tracks lulled me, eventually, to sleep. My dreams that night were lucid and almost paralyzing. I could not tell if they were dreams or if I was awake. I slept deeply but not restfully.

a warm, lazy afternoon in a park in Paris

When I awoke, we were about an hour or two from Paris, and as I watched the French countryside fly by outside the window, I felt a familiar excitement creep up: a new city to explore! Upon arriving in Paris, I immediately bought my train tickets for the rest of my trips this month and then I took a cab to the apartment where I’m staying. I arrived, got the keys, paid the rent, and settled in.

Despite the fact I have only been in Paris for less than three full days, I feel an ease and familiarity with the city. It hardly feels like Home, the way New York City does, but I feel a strange sense of intimacy with this city. I feel so comfortable here, even though I do not know more than two words in French, I really cannot explain this feeling of comfort I feel here. I’ve mastered the metro, I am able to find my way around the city streets with ease, I just feel a relaxed ease with this city. Strange isn’t it. Peculiar, and unexpected. I rather like it.

Eiffel Tower at night absolutely glows!

My July is shaping up to be rather busy. I am spending 11 days here in Paris, and then July 15-19 I’ll be in Brussels, Belgium. July 19-27 I have rented a private flat in Amsterdam. July 28-31 I will be in Berlin, Germany, and on the 31st of July I will fly to Dublin, Ireland, where I intend on spending the month of August. One of my old colleagues, Jennifer, from Wells Fargo is flying out to Dublin to spend two weeks with me. We plan on renting a car and driving around the Irish countryside and visiting the two major cities: Cork and Dublin. I’m really looking forward to it!

a smile from my room in Paris

And now, I bid you, my dear readers, adieu, as I go out to explore more of the familiar streets of Paris!

** All photos courtesy of my iPhone and PS Mobile editing application

3 Responses to “Paris Intimacies”

  1. It is amazing that you feel this comfort in Paris not knowing the language but that is wonderful!

  2. Michele says:

    Love this. I’m so glad to hear that you are enjoying the EU!

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