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July 20th, 2010
Factory in Ghent, Belgium

Factory in Ghent, Belgium

After experiencing the high of Paris, it was really hard to leave and come to Brussels, but I had a train to catch! I arrived in Brussels and took a short cab ride to my hotel in city center. I was feeling very sad about having to leave Paris, but after checking in to my hotel and settling down I went out, walked around, and got a beer.

My impression of Brussels is that it is a very Americanized city with its tall shiny buildings and blatant commercialism. I do not think it necessary to say I did not like it. However, the frites, Belgian beer and Belgian chocolate were on point!

Dinner in Bruxelles - Salmon Pasta with Arugula

I spent my four days in Brussels quite lazily. My first full day there, I took the train to Ghent and modeled for a photographer; we shot in a dusty old electricity factory with excellent, moody natural light, so that was pretty amazing. I took long, leisurely walks around the city, lay in the park soaking up the sun, drank beer, and on my last day there, took a bus tour around the city. Brussels is very beautiful, indeed, and rich with history, but it reminds me too much of America.

I felt no remorse on leaving Brussels for Amsterdam, that’s for sure!

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