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June 25th, 2010

We made the drive from Tuscany to Rome and were welcomed at Rossella and Matteo’s friends home in Ladispoli, which is a seaside suburb of Rome, on Wednesday night. Thursday was spent at the sea, where I enjoyed a cold Heinekin and worked on my tan, and the little one played happily in the water. My sisters arrived with their friend Benny on Thursday night, so I parted ways with Rossella and her family, and met up with them at the hostel.

The hostel is about 20 minutes outside of Rome and it’s a great compound! A restaurant, club, shopping center, free WiFi, tours, shuttle bus into Rome’s city center, and within walking distance from the train. Very nice and inexpensive too!

Coloseum, Rome

Coloseum, Rome

It was great seeing my sisters again and finally meeting their German friend from school, Benny. They arrived pretty late and we all went to bed to wake up early and explore Rome the next day. Friday morning we awoke early and took the shuttle bus into Rome’s city center. There we got breakfast and then walked around all day, seeing the sites. Benny was quite the tour guide! We managed to see most of the major historical sites that day! But all the walking, mamma mia! Our feet hurt so badly!

Despite the heat of the sun and the pain from all the walking, seeing Rome on foot was amazing! All of the history, the gorgeous fountains – it was all so breathtaking! I especially loved Trevi Fountain, the Coliseum and the Pantheon. Amazing!

Saturday we woke up early again and this time vowed to do less walking, because our feet were still hurting from walking so much on Friday. We went to Vatican City and walked around there, got to see all the art and the Sistine Chapel, it was really amazing. Then we had a snack, and walked around some more, then had a delicious dinner of gorgonzola pizza!

Allow me to have a quick word on Italian food: The edibles masquerading for Italian food in the US have got nothing on REAL Italian food! The pizza is so good, and the al dente pasta is actually really, truly al dente! The dishes contain fresh vegetables and cheeses and are just sooo delicious! I love the food here!

Anyway, two days in Rome was not enough, but we didn’t have a choice, because early Sunday morning we had a flight to catch to Venice! I am glad we got to see most of the major sites though. Rome is amazing!

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  1. I really love seeing your pictures of Roma. It really makes me miss Roma so much!!!

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