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New Orleans + New York City

May 6th, 2010

Oh! I see I have neglected my blog! Shame on me! I’ve been having far too much fun!

I spent about five days in New Orleans and of course it was lovely. Warm weather, not too hot, good food, great hurricanes drinks, etc. My aunt and uncle from Michigan came down for a few days and my parents were there as well for a few days, so it was lovely getting to spend some quality time with everyone. I have always loved New Orleans and it was great sharing my love for the city with my parents, who have never been. We all had a great time; I believe the highlight was seeing a live jazz band perform at the Preservation Hall in the French Quarter. We enjoyed that immensely!

After New Orleans I flew one-way to New York City, where all of my very good friends are. As most of my readers know, I lived in NYC from 2002-2005 so I made lots of good friends and got very familiar with the city. I also have some friends from California who moved to NYC, so it’s always good seeing them too.

NYC was a blast, as it always is! I had so much fun I didn’t take any photos really… I did a shoot with my model friend Maggie, and shot my good friend’s production group, but other than that, I didn’t take many photos with my professional camera. Mostly just various iPhone captures whilst having a little TOO much fun… and no, those won’t be shared here ;)

I mostly partied hard in NYC, staying out until 4am most mornings, and having a great time with old friends. I adore my friends in NYC, I feel so blessed to have such a well rounded group of talented, gorgeous, amazing, down-to-earth, spiritual friends out there… I get so much LOVE in NYC, and I have so much love to give… it’s just amazing all around.

I am so glad I chose to hop through my two favorite US cities before leaving the country… I loved spending some time with my family in New Orleans, and then soaking up the love in NYC. I am feeling great! I’ve posted some photos from New Orleans, and a few photos from the shoots I did with friends in NYC… so check them out in the gallery! :)

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  1. Michele says:

    Aww man, I got no love. :(

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