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First Week of School in Vrachati, Greece

May 14th, 2010

I arrived in the town of Vrachati, near Corinth, on Sunday afternoon, May 9. The town is fairly small and set right on the sea. It’s quite charming and has lots of shops, restaurants and cafes. After I got settled into my room and unpacked my things, I walked down to the sea. I’m surprised how much the Grecian countryside and California look alike! The two are so similar in the scenery – it’s absolutely uncanny! The main difference of course is the sea vs. California’s Pacific Ocean. The sea is far prettier! It is deep blue and just gorgeous.

School started on Monday and the schedule is rather intense. Monday classes are from 10am until 9pm, Tues-Thurs class from 10am to 8pm, and Friday class is from 10am until 5pm. The days go by quickly as we four students are totally busy during class time, but it is absolutely exhausting and by the time we get back to the house, we eat a quick dinner, sit around and talk for a while, and then go to bed. I’ve been bushed all week!

My fellow students are an older English bloke, a young Greek-American girl, and a young Parisian boy. We all seem to get on pretty well and I don’t anticipate any problems with us living together here in the house for the next month. The American girl’s mother is staying here at the house for the month too. With such an intense schedule it doesn’t leave much time to enjoy the town of Vrachati, so hopefully on the weekends I will get to do some lying by the sea, picture-taking and sight-seeing. I must get to work on my tan! I am still a pale, pasty white! This simply cannot do!

I got the chance to teach two classes so far. The TEFL Certification program works directly with an English language school in a town about ten minutes south that teaches only children and teens. So I’ve gotten to interact with the kids and try my new teaching skills on them. I don’t think I’m entirely awful at teaching, but some children in particular have already tried my nerves, and I sincerely hope I do not have to teach this particular class again! I’d rather teach adults, I think; less behavioral problems.

This weekend I am going into Athens to visit some friends who have come from America on their vacations, so it will be nice to see some familiar faces. I’m a little worried about getting around, but I think I’ll be ok, a few friends have given me succinct instructions on how to make my way around the city, so I feel confident I will be ok, and hopefully get some photos snapped to share with you, my dear readers.

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