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Aegina, Greece

May 8th, 2010

My last morning in NYC I got an email from my friend in Greece telling me that I should reschedule my flight because the airport was going to be closed the day of my arrival due to strikes. I frantically called the airline and they said they knew nothing of the strikes or any delays or cancellations to my flight, and if I wanted to cancel or reschedule my flight I’d have to pay cancellation fees, etc. I decided not to cancel my flight and just deal with whatever came along.

I boarded my flight at 7pm in NYC, flying to Kiev, Ukraine with connecting service to Athens, Greece. We got to Kiev around noon and I went directly to check in for my flight to Greece, which I soon discovered was delayed. The woman at the information counter did not know how long the wait would be and advised me to come back in a few hours. I ended up sitting in the Kiev airport for 12 hours waiting for the flight to Athens. I slept on the benches, walked around, ate tasteless, dry cheese sandwiches, drank hot tea with lemon, and spent a few hours on the internet (WiFi cost 6 Euro per hour! Ouch! We are so spoiled in the US with our free WiFi everywhere, I see!). I finally boarded my flight to Athens at 12:30am and arrived around 3am. My friend, Kat, was there waiting for me, and took me to her place in Piraeus (a suburb of Athens) where we got a few hours of sleep before taking off at 7:30am to their island home on Aegina.

Late last year I had a dream that I was standing atop a mountain looking down to a small village, and other mountains off in the distance, dotting the sea below. The dream was vivid and lucid, and I remember a strong feeling of both peace and nostalgia.

As we pulled into the gate to the house on Aegina, I immediately remembered my dream and recognized the scenery from that dream so long ago. I’d had that dream before I knew I was going to travel! So strange! Anyway, Kat and her boyfriend showed me around the house and grounds, and we all went to our separate rooms to get some rest.

Kat had modeled for a sculptor recently and asked the sculptor if she’d like me to model for her as well, and she agreed, so Friday afternoon I went to model for Helen, the sculptor. It was a fun, new experience for me, as I’ve never done the type of modeling where I have to be still for any length of time. I lay in my pose on a large piece of paper, and Helen traced my outline onto the paper, then she took photos of my body from all angles, then she sketched me and wrote down measurements of the length of my arms, legs, etc. I can’t wait to see the sculpture, but Helen probably won’t have it ready until sometime next year, as she’s traveling a lot this year and won’t have time to work on it.

After the modeling session, Kat and her boyfriend picked me up and we had lunch in town, and then walked around town. Aegina is gorgeous! The waters are blue, the homes are beautiful and the narrow streets are quaint and charming.

School starts in Corinth on Monday, so I’m taking a bus to Corinth in the morning and getting settled into the house I’ll be staying at for the next month. I hope school isn’t too intense, but I’m looking forward to being in one place for the next month… that will be quite nice! Check out Helen’s website and her sculptures and of course the photos in the gallery!

2 Responses to “Aegina, Greece”

  1. I really like the work of the sculptor. I can’t wait to see what she does with you!
    Your pictures of Greece look amazing too!

  2. I really like the work of the sculptor. I can’t wait to see what she does with you!
    Your pictures of Greece look amazing too!

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