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Acropolis and Athens

May 16th, 2010

After a long, trying first week of school I slept in on Saturday morning and it was a wonderfully delicious novelty! I have been absolutely exhausted all week; completely worn out every single day!

One of my friends from Wells Fargo, Sylvie, was coming into Athens for one day (on their way to the Greek isle, Santorini) and I made plans to meet up with them on Saturday. After sleeping in, I got on the noon bus from Vrachati to Athens, and made my way to their hotel near the airport. It took longer than I expected (almost three hours!) but once I got there we hopped on the subway and went into Athens to see the Acropolis.

The subway in Athens is very nice! So clean, quiet and the stations are fabulous – marble everywhere! Quite impressive! We climbed up the stairs and got a quick snack before walking the few blocks to the Acropolis, paid our entry fee, and walked around the grounds. I was amazed and in awe. I’ve long adored being in ancient historical sites, and the Acropolis is no exception. Acropolis is a word that means “highest city” and the Athens Acropolis is built on top of a mountain. From the top, the view stretches out to the sea. It is breathtaking, to say the least! Walking the ancient site was absolutely amazing. The weather was great, hot sun with a cooling breeze, and the view from the top was just fabulous.

After a few hours at the Acropolis, we walked back down the mountain and made our way to a cute little neighborhood behind the Acropolis to get some dinner. We walked through the narrow streets looking at the various shops and restaurants before making a restaurant choice. We sat outdoors on comfortable cushioned chairs (after all that walking we needed it!) and ate a very delicious dinner. It was so nice seeing Sylvie, a familiar face, on my travels! I am delighted we got to meet up and hang out.

Being in Athens  infused me with a sense of peace and joy. I’ve been in the small village of Vrahati for over a week at this point, and I NEED the city. I wish the class I’m taking was in Athens because I notice that I feel so much more alive when I’m in a city atmosphere. I love the hustle and bustle, the people-watching opportunities, and the many things to do. I am definitely a city girl! I am going to try and make it out to Athens every weekend; otherwise I’m not sure I’ll make it living in this small village for a month!

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